Prime 6 Finest cc champions in League of Legends 2021 –

CC is an important a part of the sport, but it surely’s additionally laborious to grasp.

Most gamers are both too scared or don’t have sufficient time to learn to play help champions nicely. This leads to dangerous video games and annoyed teammates.

The League of Legends group has created this record of 6 greatest cc champions for novices that may assist you dominate your lane!

Prime 6 Finest cc champions in League of Legends 2021

What’s Crowd Management?

CC stands for “Crowd Management”. A champion with good CC skills is ready to apply important debuffs on their opponents. The most well-liked of those are snares, stuns, and silences. These skills enable the staff to select off an enemy one-by-one whereas organising beneficial staff fights.

Crowd Management is a approach of stun, blind, decelerate or impair the actions of an opponent. It stops them from operating away or chasing you for a short while.

A champion can have a couple of on their equipment without delay! So ensure you decide one with a lot of crowd management to assist out your staff.

Types of Crowd Management

Champions with CC are some instances referred to as “peelers” as a result of they will maintain off enemies whereas allies escape. This class consists of Alistar , Annie , Ashe , Blitzcrank , Leona, Lulu , Lux , Morgana, Thresh .

Champions with laborious crowd management are generally known as “staff combat changers”, as a result of they will flip the tide of a staff combat, typically by gorgeous a number of opponents without delay. This class consists of Amumu , Annie, Ashe, Blitzcrank , Gragas , Hecarim , Leona, Lulu , Lux Morgana .

Champions with delicate crowd management are helpful when attempting to catch somebody misplaced or in a staff combat. This class consists of Alistar, Anivia , Ashe , Caitlyn, Fiddlesticks , Karma, Kayle, Leona , Nocturne, Nunu & Willump .

Champions with each laborious and delicate crowd management have skills that enable them to peel or trigger an enormous disruption to an enemy staff combat. This class consists of Alistar , Annie Ashe, Blitzcrank , Lulu , Lux Nami .

Champions with each peeling and disrupting skills are the preferred as they’ve the flexibility to be helpful in each offensive and defensive conditions.

The record under ranks every champion from greatest peeling/disrupting skills (at most rank) to worst. The rankings have been decided by considering how simply crowd controls can shut down or disrupt enemy champions’ fight capabilities, the variety of goal’s it could impact, its Cooldown at max degree (CD), AoE, how shortly it could apply stated CC, Length of CC utilized & whether or not or not it scales with AP, AD or each.

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The Finest Crowd Management Champions in League of Legends


Thresh has a myriad of skills that peel and disrupt the enemy staff, which makes him a really robust help champion.

His Q is a lantern on an extended CD that may both save an ally or pull in enemies to arrange his different skills.

His W executes minions for you, that means it is going to give your ADC much more gold & expertise.

His E root causes displacement and provides some good harm mitigation for the goal hit by it’s projectile in addition to giving him a straightforward approach of organising his Q & R.

Lastly, he has what I think about certainly one of if not the very best passives/trinket within the recreation with its 1 second ward timer.



Everybody is aware of the flexibility energy (AP) help champion to counter Mordekaiser. Whereas she has at all times been identified for that reason I really feel prefer it goes under-looked how helpful her equipment may be when attempting to peel or disrupt an enemy staff.

Her Q root is extraordinarily helpful for organising ganks or catching out of place enemies. Her W provides the goal a defend that scales together with her AP and if hit by an enemy will sluggish their motion velocity.

Lastly, her E provides a extremely robust AoE stun & harm mitigation to the primary ally it hits that can be utilized both offensively or defensively relying in your staff composition.



She has the flexibility to CC the complete enemy staff without delay by casting her bubble on them in addition to some gentle utility reminiscent of Therapeutic/Injury mitigation & Motion Pace buff’s.

Whereas she does lack any types of laborious crowd management (CC) she greater than makes up for this with lengthy vary AoE harm discount together with highly effective peel potential.


His equipment permits him to arrange simple ganks together with his robust sluggish/knock-up in addition to peel himself off of any goal he focuses together with his R.

The one drawback with selecting Nautilus help is that Nami’s Bubble type of out-classes his R within the sense that it provides an ally further motion velocity, nevertheless he makes up for this with dependable laborious crowd management (CC) and a stronger sluggish/knock-up.



The one purpose I’ve Ashe on the #2 spot is as a result of whereas she has quite a lot of peeling potential, her single goal CC is much less dependable than Thresh’s & additionally lacks an execute to make use of together with her W.

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Nevertheless, she makes up for this with a number of AoE types of CC that can be utilized to peel or disrupt the enemy staff in any given state of affairs.

Her Hawkshot permits her to scout out areas and if positioned appropriately can achieve this with out being seen by enemies upon activation (just like Pink wards).

Her E root will sluggish all enemies hit & applies Frost Shot’s passive if she didn’t hit an ally. Lastly, her final can cease enmeies from recieving therapeutic by gorgeous the goal for two seconds by any technique of laborious crowd management.



Karma is a CC monster who brings varied instruments that can be utilized to peel or disrupt the enemy staff.

Her Q & E each have related use’s as they’re AoE slowing skills, nevertheless her E does extra harm and has a decrease cooldown at max rank together with its root which permits for some potent comply with up harm out of your allies.

Lastly, her defend may also sluggish any enemie’s hit by it permitting you to additional kite them down.



The rationale Zyra is so excessive on this record is due to her monstrous pick-potential in addition to crowd management/utility she gives for not solely herself however her total staff. ‘

Along with her Q & W she will suppress enemies or root them in place permitting for her allies to catch up and comply with up on the CC. Her final is by far probably the greatest AoE types of CC out there as it is going to knock-up all targets dealing with away from her.

Lastly, her E provides a motion velocity buff & harm mitigation to herself and its projectile applies Grievous Wounds (reduces therapeutic acquired) if hit an enemy champion.

What Makes a Good CC Champion?

To be a superb CC champion it’s additionally vital that they’ve a number of CC abilities out there to them, relatively than only one or two.

Having a number of choices opens up your prospects when enjoying towards completely different champions in lane or teamfights.

Moreover, there must be some type of synergy between the chosen abilities in order that the opponent doesn’t fully negate your efforts by selecting one ability over one other (i.e Janna’s Q and W could possibly be solely ineffective towards an Annie if she selects her stun).

Having a superb CC ability set makes it simpler to land your harm skills by guaranteeing that the opponent is unable to flee or retaliate.

Moreover, having excessive burst harm ensures which you can kill somebody who’s caught misplaced with out an excessive amount of problem (i.e Amumu Q + Annie ult mixture).

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After all, you don’t at all times want a champion with nice CC skills to win (see: Janna), but it surely undoubtedly helps and normally marks them as the next tier decide in ranked video games. So allow us to check out some champions which excel on this division!


What’s the very best champion in lol?

The reply for this query is completely different from participant to participant. It’s as a result of a very powerful factor in League Of Legends is how good a champion does towards different champions and the way it impacts the staff as a complete.

What are the very best carry champions?

The most effective carry champions are champions that do probably the most harm out of all champions. If you wish to play a champion that’s going to have the ability to get probably the most kills and convey your staff to victory then you definately want a champion that may dish out huge quantities of harm in brief durations of time.

Who has probably the most stuns in lol?

The champion have some type of crowd management , ezreal, nidalee and gangplank having a internet whereas riven,vayne,caitlyn(entice) and caitlyn(harpoon) that can be utilized to catch a goal in place.

The remainder of the champions which have a stun is sion together with his defend popping potential whereas jayce utilizing his hammer to deliver an enemy in the direction of him earlier than gorgeous them.

Who’s the strongest champion degree 1?

The strongest champion degree 1 goes to Yi, Grasp Yi or a Xin Zhao. When you have a jungler that may camp your lane then that is going to be a straightforward win for you.

As soon as their jungler comes up high simply all in him and zone him out of the creep wave. Attempt to not get poked down a lot by Xin’s Q or Grasp Yis double strike. Usually if they’re enjoying aggressive with these two champions it means you might have a giant benefit on them early so stick with it!


We hope you loved our record of the very best CC champions in League of Legends. Tell us which of them are your favorites, and if there are any that we might have missed! In the event you’re in search of assist deciding on a champion to play, use our information as an introduction to every function.

You too can learn up extra about how they work with enemies or different teammates by testing their information web page right here. Which champion do you suppose is probably the most underrated?

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