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Bat is the second accountable for the Maribel, the third weakest tribe of the Junkyard. He’s a subordinate to Jinana and really expert with throwing knives. After the occasions at Floor Zero and acquiring his Atma, Bat is assumed to have witnessed the strife amongst his comrades that the Atma introduced and was fast to come back to the choice that he should devour with the intention to not be devoured. It’s this elementary determination that drives Bat”s character all through the sport.

Occasions of Digital Satan Saga

Beneath the Maribel

Camazotz Bat

By means of Bat”s efforts, Mick is ready to kidnap Sera, defeating Cielo alongside the best way. He takes her to Coordinate 136, one of many mysterious ruins mendacity on the outskirts of the Junkyard. Bat meets Mick there to await the inevitable Embryon assault, the place Mick, who, true to his historical past of protection, hopes to defeat the Embryon as soon as and for all. It’s by way of this displaying of perceived cowardice that Bat sees that Mick won’t ever be the one to rule the Junkyard, and decides to betray him to hitch the Brutes.

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Beneath the Brutes

When the Embryon arrive, Bat stabs Warmth, to whom he makes a proposal: defeat Serph, and obtain Sera. Relying on the participant”s alternative, Warmth can really battle Serph or simply mock-battle him; both method, in the course of the battle, Sera leaps off the roof of the ruins. Bat, reworking into Camazotz, manages to seize her. Mick is thrilled, however Bat makes use of this chance to betray Mick and announce his intentions to hitch the Brutes. Bat begins to fly away with Sera, however Cielo, displaying up after escaping confinement within the Embryon base, manages to shoot his wing off. Bat plummets to the bottom, dropping Sera, who’s caught by Cielo. Bat is compelled to stroll towards the Brute base at Ajna, whereas tending his wounds. In the meantime, Bat”s betrayal has left Mick all however defenseless, and, as he tries to slink away, he’s caught by the Embryon and killed.

Bat studies to Varin Omega of the Brutes the truth that the Embryon possess Sera. Performing swiftly, Varin appoints Bat chief of the pressure to retrieve her, and sends Bat to the Deserted Cruise ship the place it’s believed she is being held. Nevertheless, that is only a ploy by Gale to weaken the Brutes, and Bat is fooled by the lure. Whereas Serph, Gale, and Cielo plant explosives all through the ship, Bat battles Argilla, who was left on deck to impersonate Sera. Bat taunts Argilla”s values and beliefs with realities he has skilled and is about to kill her when the remainder of the Embryon present up. Bat battles them as soon as extra and is as soon as extra defeated. Leaving him weakened, the Embryon escape the ship, which explodes. Bat”s remaining sight is that of the good explosion enveloping him.

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Occasions of Digital Satan Saga 2

Bat seems as photo voltaic knowledge in Digital Satan Saga 2, nonetheless seething with anger on the Embryon. He battles them one final time, this time as an improved Camazotz, however is as soon as once more defeated and put to relaxation.

Character Evaluation

Bat is, above all, self-serving. Each motion he undertakes, he undertakes for himself and the betterment of his probabilities to succeed in Nirvana. It’s straightforward to view Bat as the last word antithesis to the Embryon and their values, however that is too simplistic. On the earth of the Junkyard, Bat is akin to the younger boys in Lord of the Flies who embrace their new discovered freedom and abandon the legal guidelines and orders which had ruled them for his or her complete lives. Bat is the primary character within the recreation to interrupt the legal guidelines set down by the Karma Temple by betraying the Maribel. As identified by Gale, this could not have been capable of happen, and it’s the among the many first clear indicators that issues have drastically modified inside the Junkyard (the presence of emotion, Sera, and the Embryon-Maribel alliance being earlier indicators, however none of that are outright law-breaking). Additional law-breaking from mainly each main character would observe Bat”s instance, however it’s telling that Bat was the primary to interrupt the legal guidelines which had been upheld inside the Junkyard unquestionably till then.

Bat could be seen as an extension of Warmth and the entire antithesis of Argilla. That is evident in the best way these characters work together. Warmth, for essentially the most half, shares Bat”s views with reference to tips on how to deal with their newfound powers. He’s fast to devour his enemies (curiously, so is Serph). Not solely that, however he even tries to devour Bat a number of occasions. This, coupled with Warmth”s clear love for Sera, is why Warmth is inclined to Bat”s suggestion to defeat Serph.

Camazotz as he seems in common mythology.

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Atma Avatar – Camazotz

Atma Mark – Sonic Wave

Mark Locale – Proper higher arm

Feelings Awaken – After his defeat by the hands of the Embryon and Jinana allying herself with them

Voice Actor (Japanese) – Ryotaro Okiayu

Voice Actor (English) – (info wanted)

Camazotz, Bat”s Atma kind, relies off of the Mayan god Camazotz. Camazotz was a bat god related to evening, demise, and sacrifice. His worship sprang up in a cult among the many Zapotec Indians round 100 B.C. and finally discovered his method into the pantheon of the Mayan folks. Bat”s character is clearly based mostly round this depiction.

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